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What to Expect When Ordering
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Order Form

Animal # Voegeli Natural Beef
Wgt 3703 N Cty Rd 150E, Milan IN  47031
Date farmone@farmone.net
Pick Up 812-654-2188 or 513-505-8884


Circle OneRib Steak(bone in)     or               Rib-eye (boneless)  

Circle Thickness1/2"5/8"3/4"1"# Per Pkg
Circle OneSirloin Steak(bone in)           or           SirloinSteak/Filet (boneless)

Circle Thickness1/2"5/8"3/4"1"# Per Pkg
Circle OneTBone/PorterHouse    or    New  York/Strip/Filet  

Circle Thickness1/2"5/8"3/4"1"1 Per Pkg  

Circle ChoicesRound Steaks  (1/pkg)     Cubed - Whole or Patties (4/pkg)    Swiss (1/pkg)

Circle Thickness1/2"5/8"3/4"1"
Roasts  Circle B or A

              B = Best roasts more ground beef  Circle R =Roast 
A = All Roasts for less ground beef
Circle S =Steak 

Circle ChoicePounds per Roast2   or   3  Steak  Thickness 1/2"   1"

Circle ChoicesChuck - RShoulder- RSirloin Tip- RRump 
  Chuck - SShoulder- S Sirloin Tip - S RoastOnly 
Ground Beef       
 % Bulk__________ lbs Per Package (1 or 2 lb pkgs)

 % Patties__________ # Per Package20 lb mnimum 

 4 = 1/4 lb per burger3 = 1/3 lb per burger

Circle Choices       
 Soup MeatYes      No
LiverYes      No

 Short RibsYes      No
HeartYes      No

 Stew MeatYes      No
TongueYes      No

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Address     Zip Code  

e-mail address    


See the chart on Beef Available tab for processing notes indicating additional charges for cuts written in RED.



If you have any questions regarding completing this order form, please give us a call or email.

Thanks again for your interest in Voegeli Natural Beef.  You will be contacted within 7 days of
receiving your order to confirm availability.

Sharon Voegeli

Sharon & Bob Voegeli
Voegeli Natural Beef, 3703 N County Rd 150 E, Milan IN 47031, 513-505-8884