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Sharon & Bob Voegeli

3703 N County Rd 150 E, Milan IN  47031

513-505-8884 or 812-654-2188

Begin Eating Healthy Beef Today

  • Put away your timer, get a good meat thermometer and be prepared to use it.
  • Turn down the heat.
  • Learn when to use dry heat cooking methods and when to use moist heat methods.
  • Ease up on the seasonings and sauces.
These few tips are just the beginning for making the most of your pasture raised foods .

In 1994 we moved to Milan, Indiana.  The first year we worked on improving our grass quality and began putting up fence.  The second year we purchased two animals.  Since then, we have increased our herd and can now handle 12 to 20 cattle on our pasture, depending on the weather.  Keeping our grass quality high is very important to our process of rotational grazing.
Voegeli Natural Beef contains no artificial ingredients such as coloring, flavorings, preservatives, growth hormones and is finished on fresh grass.
We care about producing good healthful and humanely raised beef.  We work very hard bringing our beef to you.
We are looking for customers who are concerned about . . .
  • the environment
  • the social welfare of the animals
  • small farm sustainability issues
  • good quality beef
  • their own health

Our Cattle are . . .

  • Treated humanely and in a stress free environment and have never been confined in a feedlot
  • Grass finished on pastures, our cattle are given fresh pasture, water, minerals and hay, if needed, due to weather.
  • Given no growth hormones

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Sharon & Bob Voegeli
Voegeli Natural Beef, 3703 N County Rd 150 E, Milan IN 47031, 513-505-8884